woman singing as a pianist looks on

Contemporary Legit

1/16/2022, 6:00:–9:00: (UTC)
There is considerable confusion over the term ‘Contemporary Legit’ among many singing teachers. What repertoire does it cover and what are the stylistic differences from classical lyrical singing?
woman holding her hand to her throat

All Choked Up

Psychology, Performance Anxiety and Voice
2/13/2022, 10:00–1:00: (UTC)
Across the performing arts, performance psychology and stage fright are hot topics. But in a world of good advice and intention, how is a teacher or indeed a performer to know what works?
film clapperboard seen through screen

Voice for Film and TV

5/29/2022, 5:00:–8:00: (UTC)
One of the greatest areas of misunderstanding is in the use of the actor’s voice in film and TV.