Anne-Marie speed giving a class
Whether you are a beginner wanting to explore your vocal potential, an established professional wishing to fully develop your voice or solve persistent vocal problems or a teacher who wishes to know more about the voice, we have a range of courses, workshops as well as the option of private consultations.

What people are saying

This course gave me the confidence to use all the new tools I had learnt to find the voice I's always wanted but never knew how to access.
Liz Taylor, Vocal Coach & Singer
The moment you work with Anne-Marie Speed is the moment your voice changes. Songs I've dreamt of singing are now within reach. Studying Estill has been a life changing experience!
Claire Stewart, Performer
Anne-Marie is clear, an excellent communicator and makes information accessible. Her statements are grounded in science and knowledge helping to demystify the voice!
Alison Lower, Singing Teacher & Performer