Catching Life by the Throat

How to read poetry and why poetry is essential to training the Actors Voice. We trigger an emotional response in the heart of the listener through our response to language and the way that we say the word. These delightful recordings are a wonderful introduction to poetry for those who would like to use more poetry in their teaching but are unsure how to go about it.


Staying Alive

Real poems for unreal times. One of the best anthologies of poetry to be published in the last 10 years. Classic poems and poems from new writers are included and if you really cannot find a poem that you like in this marvellous collection you have no soul.

The Actor And The Text

The incomparable Cicely Berry and her seminal work on text. I believe her to be much of a genius with text as Jo Estill is with voice. If you are interested in acting and how to respond to text as an actor or a singer this is essential.

An Untidy Career: Conversations with George Hall

George Hall, living legend and head of acting at the Central School of Speech and Drama for 20 years talks about his extraordinary career in this wonderful little book.

Thank You That's All We Need for Today

Mary Hammond's essential and practical guide to auditioning for Musical Theatre. There is simply no one else writing on the subject that can match her experience and wisdom. Thank You Thats All We Need for Today

Singing and Teaching Singing: A Holistic Approach to Classical Voice

The only book on singing teaching I recommend.

Bounce: The Myth of Talent and the Power of Practice

If you have not read this yet and teach voice to actors or singers you need to buy it now and read it. If like me you believe that technique in voice and singing training is primarily muscle training then you must read this book. It will change your whole way of thinking about talent and the nature of the artistic gift.


Elaine Stritch at Liberty

A masterclass in acting through singing. Enough said!

Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway

It may be a little old-fashined now but this insightful book could really help you understand and learn to cope with performance nerves. It is a little too Californian in places for British tastes but don't let that put you off.

The Power of Mindful Learning by Ellen Langer

Mindful learning is the key to effective, long term and measurable development. This wonderfully clear book from the seriously smart Ellen Langer will change the way you teach.  If you approach voice training from a basic position as training and encouraging a change in muscular behaviour (as I do), then it follows on that you can’t change behaviour you’re not aware of. 

I strongly recommend this book to everyone who wants to improve the quality of their teaching and communication. You will wonder how you taught without it.