The Estill Model

The Estill Model is a system of voice training that identifies the structures in the larynx responsible for producing voice and those in the vocal tract or throat responsible for controlling resonance and voice quality. Using simple everyday sounds common to everyone, these structures are identified, isolated and then used to develop conscious, voluntary and predictable control of the voice. Whether you want to increase your range, learn how to Belt or shout safely, manage the Passaggio, increase power and  improve breath control, the Estill Model provides practical solutions for all these vocal problems, and more besides.

It is based upon a very particular understanding of the larynx or voice box, (where voice originates), namely that the primary anatomical function of the larynx is that of a valve and constrictor. As a valve, it determines both how air enters and exits the body. The larynx also constricts with any change in muscle effort such as swallowing, coughing or straining. This straining occurs directly above the vocal folds, where voice is made and therefore has an immediate effect upon the efficiency, sustainability and safety of vocal production. It will also shut down with much more minor changes in effort such as standing up, sitting down and stretching. Understanding this primary function is crucial to understanding common problems encountered by all voice users, why it happens and how to override it.

But of course, performing is about much more than vocal technique but it is important to remember that our wish to communicate thoughts and emotions which is common to all of us, is dependent on a flexible, trained and responsive muscular system. We do not communicate via telepathy just yet...



Voice training is divided into three separate studies which allow for clearer identification of which element of training or performance needs help. This in turn also allows for easier integration back into performance.

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